Charting for health

The menstrual cycle is the fifth vital sign, and not supposed to be painful.

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The menstrual cycle plays such a profound role in the generation and maintenance of our well-being that many consider it the fifth vital sign. This best practice was also endorsed by ACOG in the US in 2015.

This means that the state of your health is reflected by your menstrual cycle. It also means that the cycle is not the cause of dis-ease but the revealing mechanism.

Here we learn its language through self-observation, scientific knowledge and tools.

First learn to speak hormones, then crack the code 

Meaningful commitment starts at less than 10 minutes a day of self-observation, plus the two sessions together that open and close this experience.

Focused study group of max. 4 people 


We will take a dive into:

  1. self-observation techniques from NFP Sensiplan German Arbeitsgruppe
  2. how Estrogen and Progesterone “code”
  3. how to decode their language
  4. next steps to understand what makes you thrive and what is hindering your efforts

What can you do with these tools?

  • SELF-CARE AND WELL BEING: You will be able to use tools and interpret results for daily monitoring of your menstrual and other health parameters. 
  • INFORM THE DOCTOR: with evidence-based quality data, to save time, moods and potentially money.
  • FOR A PREGNANCY: you will be able to identify peak fertility days as well as problems that may hinder fertility or pregnancy.
  • FOR YOUR LIFE-JOURNEY: you can start connecting the dots, to better discern what constitutes toxic and what nourishment for body, mind and ecosystems.

Who will be your guides?

Your body first. Estrogen and progesterone are crucial in maintaining and restoring female’s health at 360 degrees. Evidence-based knowledge from University of Heidelberg and Düsseldorf can help you learn to chart bio-markers (physiological manifestations of your ovarian hormonal levels) in a scientific, autonomous, and informed manner.

Anna Buzzoni will give you the framework of knowledge to make sense of data collected. She spent a first chunk of her career in capacity building and international management. She has been researching cycles and menstrual health since 2014, and received professional training and certification from the German Arbeitsgruppe for fertility awareness and natural family planning, including Sensiplan teacher’s certification with Prof. G. Freundl in April 2018.

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The cycle is important well beyond conception: it is essential to regenerative processes at physical, emotional and mental levels.


WE WILL START ON TIME – please come 15 minutes earlier 

1st Session 
  • Brain-ovary cycle, ovarian cycle and menstrual cycle
  • Observing cervical fluid, blood and temperature: relationships with estrogen and progesterone, self-observation and recording techniques
  • Estrogen and progesterone in relation with each other
  • Charting other nasty symptoms
  • Disorder 1. Anovulatory cycles
  • Disorder 2. Low progesterone
2nd Session 
  • Disorder 3. Short luteal phase
  • Disorder 4. High estrogen
  • Disorder 5. Low estrogen
  • Detecting peak fertility, pregnancy and accurate due date
  • Group interpretation of individual charts and correlations with nasty symptoms
  • On connecting dots, changing life-style and first steps for more informed choices

Science can be transmitted, but knowledge can only be experienced

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Is this course for you?

YES, if you want access to primal source of information and guidance. 

This knowledge can be useful for those using menstrual tracking algorithms  bring YOUR insight into the equation.

Yes, if you want to be able to identify five disturbances in the estrogen-progesterone dance

or if you are looking forward to a receptive journey of presence – wondrous and invigorating! It could also give you insight into what makes you thrive and what is hindering your efforts.

and especially if you suffer from menstrual pain, dis-ease and discomfort – whether it is tender breasts, fainting, dryness, heavy periods, spotting, headaches, irritability, water retention, acne, cramps, irregular cycles, etc. –  you can better understand why and what is happening. Correct identification is crucial to success.

And finally, yes, if you are looking for something you can apply from day-1. Please note: this experience makes more sense if you are willing to dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to self-observation.

NO, if your need is contraception (in that case what you need is Sensiplan training), or if you are on hormonal contraception because there are no indicators to monitor since the cycle is temporarily suppressed.

now it is time to know more in order to fear less (Marie Curie)

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