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A journey over 3 months, 3 full days.

>>>> Next workshop starts in March 2019 <<<<<

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Would you go to the dentist at 3am? Would you expect a tree to shed leaves in June? Would you do aerobics after an Eisbein&Bratkartoffeln?

Are you ready radically challenge your experience of body, mind, communities and ecosystems? And the menstrual cycle?

This workshop offers you a transformative journey to help you bloom into yourself: vitality, imagination and creativity will bloom. You will develop new analytical tools and open doors of perception that will help you dance the ups and downs of life, restore and regenerate health, creativity, vitality, resilience and calm.

We exercise and learn about physiology, biochemistry, neuroscience, intuition, imagination, creativity, culture, linguistics, history, anthropology, management theories, organisational development and spirituality.

So long time management – welcome energy management!

You will learn how to shift away from a “synthetic”, counter-intuitive linear and patriarchal mode to a cyclical, natural mode, which integrates complementary opposites, recognises the tune of life and allows you to bloom into yourself.

We will how nature thrives and always prevails. Since we are (all) her children, nature made us with the same cyclical blueprint, not only at individual level but, more importantly, at community and ecosystem level. We lived and loved by it for hundreds of thousands of years, it is in our genes, and yet, the last centuries profoundly distorted it. Silver lining: we have developed amazing scientific knowledge and tools that can be now integrated with our innate wisdom and spontaneous, wild, intuitive cycles.

The yearning that you feel, that nameless dis-ease of our times and Western way of life is the deep longing for the cyclical blueprint.

A healthy menstrual cycle is not only without nasty symptoms, it is one that regenerates health at 360 degrees.

Join us and reclaim your core creative and transformative power, your Medulla.

For specific dates, times and location, please refer to this page.

Is this course for you?

Yes! If you have a menstrual cycle (which also means that you are not on hormonal contraception or that you are planning to come off it in the next 6 months. Why? Read our Brochure – The Pill ).

Yes, if you suffer from menstrual pain and dis-ease (if you are looking for a shorter focused course, check out our Charting for Health).

Yes, if you just came off hormonal contraception (are you also interested in other forms of contraception, free from harmful effects, and in body literacy? Check out our Sensiplan training).

Yes, if you are interested in radically disruptive ways of embodying your self and embracing the ecosystem and community.

Yes, if you want to implement radically disruptive ways of organising your company, your work, your schedule and your energies.

Yes, if you are a community or organisational leader or coach.

No, if you are not interested in self-observation of your emotions and/or body signals.

No, if you think this is the best possible of worlds and you are perfectly content with it.

No, if you cherish profit and growth above most things.

No, if what you are looking for is a diagnosis or medical treatment. This journey can give you and your doctors useful evidence-based data, but it never replaces professional diagnosis and cure.



Physiology and biochemistry of the menstrual cycle and its hormones + charting and journaling + safe menstrual products + safe contraception

In detail

  • Anatomy of the female reproductive system: vulva, clitoris, vagina, uterus, ovaries.
  • Physiology of the menstrual cycle: brain, uterine and ovarian cycles and their effects on uterus, cervix, uterine fluids, temperature, immune system, brain.
  • Charting cervical mucus, basal body temperature, blood and spotting (not for contraceptive use. Want to chart for contraception? Check out Sensiplan).
  • Menstrual cup vs conventional tampons.
  • Contraception that preserves ovulation vs hormonal contraception.


The cyclical blueprint that permeates life + archetypes + women’s roles in ancient history + feminine and masculine energies (yin&yang, or tension&release or growth&selection, objective&process – bottom line: it is gender neutral and asexual).

In detail

  • Circadian clock, breath, plant sap, lunar cycle, seasons, brain.
  • Four archetypes of masculine and feminine energies declined in women.
  • Linguistics of the menstrual cycle.
  • Mythology and archaeology of matrilinear societies.
  • Charting physical, intellectual, emotional, sexual and creative energies.
  • Charting other physiological parameters and factors that can influence the menstrual cycle.


Decoding symptoms + general maintenance through nutrition, exercise, life-style and self-care + premenstrual syndrome + women’s role today.

In detail

  • decoding five major menstrual disorders: anovulatory cycles, short luteal phase, excess estrogen, low progesterone, low estrogen.
  • decoding other hormonal disorders: excess androgens, low thyroid, excess cortisol.
  • bio-individuality and epigenetics
  • food that protect or damage the menstrual cycle.
  • exercise in the four phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • the importance of rest, sleep and dreams.
  • myths around the premenstrual syndrome and natural remedies.
  • the “girl cell” – what is darkness, what is light?
  • Responsibility, agency, sovereignty.

Please bring some whole food to share during the day, like fresh and dried fruits or nuts. Sharing is part of self-care.

For lunch, we take 45 minutes to eat, and class will resume with a session dedicated to meaningful rest, as our circadian clock dictates at this time of the day.


Registration and payment details

Registration is via email to Anna at



Anna is a great person who has a positive energy to share. She is a very good teacher about females cycle and body/mind awareness. The workshop runs smoothly and lightly and the information is extremely relevant if you really want to know how your body communicates to you, which is an amazing journey to discover. I highly … More Erika B. – Berlin

Erika B. – Berlin

Il corso di Medulla è ricco di materiali e prospettive, spalanca moltissime porte sui cicli della vita, mestruale e non, e lo fa con il calore di “una di noi”. Abbiamo discusso molte teorie e idee, ma abbiamo avuto anche degli input molto pratici e da mettere subito in atto nella nostra vita quotidiana, per … More Marta P. – Berlin

Marta P. – Berlin L’importanza del progesterone

I enjoyed very much taking part to one of Medulla workshops, and I absolutely highly recommend them. Topics are all very interesting and I truly appreciate the way Anna delivered them in an accurate, concise and deep way and a gentle, ironic touch. Looking forward to the next one!

Chiara T. – Berlin

Anna has developed a personalized coaching process based on my individual needs and has sharpened my powers of observation and my awareness.  She has the talent of translating scientific evidence in actionable advice – and she does so with accuracy, enthusiasm and a sense of humor! Above all, my coaching with Anna has given me the … More Felicia G. – Berlin

Felicia G. – Berlin

Anna is well informed with relatable and thoroughly researched materials. She is doing great work to connect the dots between what we currently know and what more our female bodies can teach us about overall health. Thank you Medulla for making this knowledge accessible for others!

Jeana B. – Berlin

As someone who has worked in the area of menstrual health from a totally different approach (international development cooperation), I was blown away at the ways in which Anna was able to shed new light and knowledge on my understanding of the menstrual cycle. Anna’s workshop was not only informative, but was delivered with a … More Danielle Keiser – Founder of Menstrual Health Hub

Danielle Keiser – Founder of Menstrual Health Hub

I attended Anna’s two-day workshop on menstrual cycle literacy. Speaking from her vast experience and research, Anna has an emphatic approach of teaching, which creates an amazing atmosphere of knowledge sharing. 

Darina K. – Berlin

Era ora che si cominciasse a parlare di ciclo, inteso non solo in senso strettamente mestruale, ma in un senso più ampio che coinvolge tutti gli aspetti della nostra esistenza.  Anna ci spiega con grande chiarezza ed esaustività che la nostra vita – di tutti noi esseri viventi – è regolata da cicli che si … More Emma F. – Ferrara

Emma F. – Ferrara

Taking part in a workshop with Medulla has been very rewarding. Not only have I received tools for tracking my body’s behaviour, myths have also been squashed and I now feel like my view is clear for a more mindful approach in understanding my cycle(s). I feel restarted, refreshed and most importantly – inspired. Hope … More Valerie Natascha D. – Berlin

Valerie Natascha D. – Berlin

Questo corso mi ha aperto un mondo! Mi sembra di essere stata sempre chiusa in stanza carica di odio nei confronti del ciclo, ora Anna ha spalancato la porta di questa stanza e finalmente sento aria fresca.

Marcella B. – Ferrara

Anna ha esposto in modo molto chiaro ciò che avviene nel corpo in ogni fase del ciclo e gli equilibri ormonali che ne governano l’andamento. Ho trovato estremamente interessante e stimolante la parte dell’interpretazione dei “diari di bordo” che invita alla lettura dei messaggi che invia il corpo attraverso i sintomi. Interessantissima la parte sulla … More Chiara B. – Ferrara

Chiara B. – Ferrara

Un vecchio professore dell’università ci diceva sempre di diffidare da chi non sa spiegare, perché significa che non sa. Anna sa.  Da subito ho riscontrato benefici significativi: la sensazione è quella dell’arrampicata, quando sei in altissimo, ma sicuro e ancorato. Domino meglio i miei stati d’animo, mi lascio guidare anziché subire.  

Guendalina M. – Ferrara

L’esposizione di Anna è chiara, coinvolgnte, bellissima, calda, materna, professionale. Grazie al laboratorio di Ciclo Integrato ho riscontrato maggiore consapevolezza, autoascolto e gioia nel guardarmi.

Benedetta D. – Venezia